Hi, I'm your friendly neighbour!

Kel‚Äčian Wulandari Setyabudi, or usually called Keli by her peers, was born healthy on March 26th, 1992.

She's a typical Aries girl who's cheerful, friendly, and nice to be around, but can be extremely petty if unnecessarily provoked.

Overall, she's harmless. #fingercrossed

Aside from wishing to "be filthy rich by doing nothing but laze all day", she's a proper kid who went through school just fine (or barely passed, depend on when, how and who you talk to).

Singing and playing guitar are two of her most favorite things followed by reading, writing and drawing.

She has been composing songs since middle-school days. Some of them had been sung by her peers during casual jamming or for competition entry.

She didn't win any but, it's cool to know some people still remember and cherish it up until today. #sobuncontrollably

When it comes to music, she goes by the name "Dandelian", a word play of dandelion flower and her name, Kelian.

Bearing the name of the persistent weed, she seeks to thrive no matter how hard the situation is.

At the end of 2020, she released her first single "Stronger than Yesterday" that became her big leap into the music industry. Around four months later, she released her second single "Kapan Lagi" (2021).

In the mid of the same year, she released another single "S'lamat Sahabat" on the pretext of marriage season.

Once awaken, her thirst is insatiable it seems. Though, she cooled down for the following year. But, expect her to come back with more surprises. #anotherfingercrossed

Honesty and openness is the core of her music. Her words could be simple and playful, but will trigger you to self-reflect and meditate. 

She believes in the beauty of things no matter how wrecked it is. Self-reflection and self-reliance are her main principles.

Though she prefers a slow day inside her pretty little head, she doesn't mind like-minded companions every now and then.

Cause, one thing she loves to see the most is people growth.

"When life gives you lemon, make lemonade" - Stronger than Yesterday (2020)